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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How to make a floating Twitter bird

Hi guys !This time i'll share another trick for blog, and for me this trick is pretty nice. Well you see the tittle, floating twitter bird. But it's not just floating, it's also animated ! Just like the bird in your screen now(on this blog of cource). Wanna make it?
Twitter logo
Twitter logo

So if you read this section, that mean you want to make it right? Than without no more chit chat, let's go

What you need is :

1. Twitter Account
2. A Blog
3. PC Web Browser(of course -_-)


1. Go to your blog dashboard and choose layout(under earnings)

Tata Letak / Layout
Tata Letak also mean Layout

Monday, October 15, 2012

How to make an auto click link

Hi everyone ! I have a new thing that i'll going to share now, an Auto Click Link !

Do you know what i mean? Well for example, put your cursor to this link


It's opening by it's self right? Well, it's a HTML code acctually, want to make it? It's very intresting to trick people. But USE THIS WISELY okay? Don't do illegal thing, i'm not responsible for that. But anyway, let's get started !!!


1. Make a new blank post. You know how to do it right? -_-

2. On that new empty still white post(but i'm using this post), click on HTML. I put so many circle on that button in this picture
HTML Button
Since i'm pretty lazy to make another so i use this post :D

3. And then you'll see another blank page(like above but without any word)

4. On that page with HTML Button clicked, copy this code

Thursday, September 27, 2012

How to increase your Google Adsense profit in just a second !

Hi guys ! Maybe this articel is very very tempting to you ! But it really work 100% ! I already test this trick and it's awesome dude ! Here are the proof !!!
Google Adsense money generator
See ????!!

You want to know how??? Let's do it !!!

How to give a Basmallah Letter in each of your post

Hi guys! I have a new post today. Well maybe this post is not for all of you guys. I didn't mean to offend you guys. But it might be usefull to any muslim blog. Sorry if you're not a moslem. But you can read along this post. :)

So how to give your post an auto Basmallah Letter in each of your post? Here they are!


1. Click Template > Edit HTML. After you click Edit HTML, you'll see a page more less like this
Edit HTML Blogger
Sorry it's in Indonesian. But it's the same

2. On that page, give a check mark on Expand Template Widget!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

About SimSimi

Hey guys, long time no see! Sorry for the very very long update! Cause i'm really confused about what should i post, but here it is! Another new post. Maybe you know about SimSimi right? You don't know? Oh come on, you don't know that robot chicken? Okay okay, i'll tell you! SimSimi!
That's SimSimi

SimSimi is a Talking Robot Chicken. You can talk with that chicken. I don't know is it a male or female. Sometime both -_-. With SimSimi you can talk everyday, even night or in the morning. Sometime he/she is friendly but sometimes no. Sometime his/her answer doesn't make any sense. Always making me laughing. LOL
Conversasion with SimSimi

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Galaxy Life On Facebook Cheat

Hi Earthlings !! Or in other word player of Galaxy Life ! If you read this post... That means you play it and looking for the cheat right? Or you're just curious? But anyway, cheat that i'll share is :


In this cheat, all your unit can pass the enemy turret without the turret attacking you ! In other word, all the turret won't shoot ! And some units, their build time will reduced to 6 seconds !


In this cheat, you can attack level 1 player. Got it? Example. You're level 60. And you want to attack level 50 player(Not from alliance war). But you can't do it, because his/her level is too low. But with this cheat, you can do that !


In this cheat, you'll get extra 7 worker in your base!
NOTE: This is the most dangerous cheat. Because, this is the most reason people get banned. So if you use this wisely, you won't get banned